Shift is an online community to discuss everything related to entering the creative industry. It’s for young creatives created by young creatives thus avoiding any intimidation or feeling inadequate against professionals. Discussions would range from unusual routes into a dream job, not knowing the job roles available due to the industry always changing and the debate of whether going to university is worth it. Plus many more.

This was a competition brief set by the social media agency Influence Digital with the prize being a three month internship. We were the winning group and I successfully completed a three month internship at Influence Digital!


As a group of three, we had to create a campaign for a brand, event or personality using social media platforms to activate the idea. It must demonstrate innovative thinking as well as a pragmatic approach to the 2018 social media landscape. 


Insight: Young creatives are hesitant about entering the creative industry. This is because they are overwhelmed, intimidated and think they are inadequate.

This is a campaign that requires a lot of perseverance to launch it by seeking out the young creatives. We'd be more than happy to do so given it's an area of interest the three of us are passionate about and would reflect the nurturing and encouraging tone of voice of the campaign.


The Instagram account would share young creatives' work among the community. It would be carefully curated for aesthetic purposes with users’ work being shown on a row of three images on the account. Any work shared onto the Shift account would also initiate conversation in the work’s caption allowing for conversation to commence in the comment section. Using #ChangeWithIt means that any creative can upload work for others in the community to see as well as it potentially getting selected to be on the Shift Instagram account itself.


Shift would utilise Twitter and its features through generating conversation. We'd start out by finding any existing conversation around the creative industry. Committing to frequent interactions through genuine interest on our end, too, would hopefully generate a steady following for the Shift Twitter account. The Shift account could then instigate its own discussions; encouraging users to use the #ChangeWithIt hashtag with each post thus growing the community further.


A newly popular platform for live stream videos; predominantly popular for gamers but steadily becoming known for a range of categories/genres. Twitch would allow us and the community built to have live discussions rather than having to discuss passively through Instagram comments and tweets. Face to face-like conversation is also valuable to informative debates; allowing nothing to be misinterpreted or completely misunderstood. Live stream videos can take place at any time, can be themed for certain areas of discussion and could be announced on the other platforms.

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