The homeless charity Shelter asked us to create a fund-raising fitness event that can be completed any time at any location; complementing their current 'Rush' challenges. 

Insight: Friends and colleagues can often get competitive between each other

Pass the Baton - A Virtual Relay Race - Travel How You Like In The Time You're Given. A platform that allows users to collaboratively raise money by covering as much distance as they can or want; the more distance covered, the more money raised.

Teams of up to 7 members had a week to raise as much money as they could. After each team member completed their allocated 24 hours, they'd 'Pass The Baton' onto the next teammate.

Leaderboards for teams' covered distance are in place to further fuel the competition.

The concept can also be adapted on a corporate level; e.g. each branch creates a team and at the end of the week they move on to another branch. Competition and donations can be generated nationally. Similarly with schools - each child completes a chosen activity with their parents/family sponsoring them. All sponsors are collated at the end of the week and donated, then the baton is passed to the next local school.

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