With the lines often blurring, her preferred roles with projects lie between Strategy and Planning with the occasional dabble into Copywriting. Attention to detail with how material is received is a strong point of interest.


She prides herself in articulating ideas in the most comprehensive way. With an enthusiastic approach to any brief, unusual routes are often taken to achieve the best outcome. Her alter ego, Milly Smoth, has a pivotal role in this; being known for not taking life too seriously and pondering the big questions such as 'how are there flies roaming my university when no windows can open?'.


These skills and interests have proven themselves by winning a successful three month internship at Influence Digital. The role affirmed her ability to adapt easily to new environments and varying team dynamics.


In her spare time she also enjoys illustration - a hobby that’s rewarding and very therapeutic to her. Oh, and she can write a fair bit given the chance...


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